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We've had the privilege over the past 18 Years of putting over 7 Million books into readers' hands & have built the best team who are passionate about making the bulk book buying experience as easy and effortless as possible for you.

buy books wholesale price

With the best customer service in the bulk wholesale buying game, we provide a variety of special services for our clients, including the ability to pay with Purchase Orders, Rush Order Delivery for Events, Free & Special Shipping accommodation, Affiliate Sales Shops for Bulk Book Resellers, Event Planners, and Authors, and more!

When you buy new books in bulk from Bulk Bookstore, we donate a portion of our proceeds to help plant trees across America through our ongoing partnership with American Forests. Bulk Bookstore also donates thousands of dollars in free books to schools and non-profit organizations.

Get ready to be wowed! Make sure to check our rave reviews from thousands of wholesale book customers. Our customers inspire us every day with the creative and unique programs in which they use books. From large corporations looking to connect with their employees and improve workplace culture to educational institutions that inspire children to non-profit organizations that change our world for the better, our customers, are our true heroes. Here are just a few of the inspiring stories of incredible community initiatives:

Our team in Portland, Oregon loves books and strongly believes in their power to educate, motivate, enhance, and change lives. We enjoy hearing about the many ways that our customers use books they buy from us, and we encourage you to share your stories and suggestions with us. We look forward to working with you and we want you to be confident that we will go the extra mile to ensure that you Save, Smile and Repeat when you buy new books in bulk from Bulk Bookstore.

You have come to the right place if you are looking to buy 25 copies or more of any currently published books at wholesale prices, including all of the latest business books, children's books, books for school classrooms, or books for religious organizations. As the web's leading bulk book wholesaler, we provide substantial discounts of up to 55% off publisher's list prices, charge no membership fees and offer free ground shipping on every order. We sell only brand new copies never used or returned books, and we do not backorder. If the title you need is not currently available, we will contact you immediately and suggest alternatives.

Buying wholesale books from Bulk Bookstore is very different from buying books from book retailers, Amazon. Unlike most other online book sellers, we enjoy personally connecting with our customers and developing long-standing, trusting relationships. We encourage you to reach out to one of our friendly Book Specialists who are available Monday-Friday, 8-5 PST by phone at 877-855-5956.

Our team in Portland, Oregon loves books and strongly believes in their power to educate, motivate, enhance and change lives. We enjoy hearing about the many ways that our customers use the wholesale books they buy from us and we encourage you to share your stories and suggestions with us. We look forward to working with you and we want you to be confident that we will go the extra mile to ensure that you Save, Smile and Repeat when you buy wholesale books in bulk.

Before you can determine how much to discount your book, you need to consider your ideal sales channels. Will you make it available online, in physical stores, or both? Do you plan to make it available in libraries, chain stores, indie bookstores, or all of the above? Your discount will depend on how and where you want your book to be available. IngramSpark allows you flexibility in setting your discount at the time of title setup, but you still need to understand how book discounts work.

The wholesale discount you set determines how much a wholesaler will actually pay for your book. When they sell your book to a retailer, bookstore, or library, they pass on a portion of the discount to them, depending on the wholesale discount you offer. The retailers and bookstores will sell your book at the list price or may offer it at a discounted price. This is how the wholesaler, distributor, retailer, and bookstore earn money to operate their businesses and hopefully make a small profit.

2. Other self-publishers: Not all self-publishers understand why they should offer wholesale discounts. The savvy indie author, like you, are already beating out tens of thousands of other self-publishers just by knowing the necessity of offering these discounts. This knowledge puts you on the same playing field as major traditional publishers.

Having a wholesale discount lends you credibility and professionalism as you market your book to retailers. Because having this discount makes you competitive with traditional publishing houses, retailers will see that you know what you're doing and will be more likely to do business with you.

The trade discount most publishers choose to offer booksellers is 55%. IngramSpark provides the option of setting a discount within the range of 30-35% (minimum) to 55% (maximum). Applying a discount less than 55% can possibly limit the sale of your title to booksellers; however, this may be the right choice for you depending on your author goals and marketing strategies.

The wholesale price is the amount that distribution partners will pay for the book. A wholesaler will keep a portion of that discount and pass along the rest to the bookstores ordering the book, and retailers may pass along a discount to the end consumer (for example: the retailer may sell your $15 book for $12.99 in their store). The cost to print your book (based on format choices you've made such as hardcover or paperback, black-and-white or premium color, page count, etc.) will be deducted from the $6.75 wholesale price, and you will be paid what is left over as your publisher earnings on that sale.

You may be thinking, "Hey, why would I set a wholesale discount that enables the bookstore to make more money than me on the sale?" but consider how many sales you might not achieve without the help of retailers. If you have your own e-commerce and fulfillment methods and an unlimited fan base that you know will purchase from you without fail, then offering a higher wholesale discount may not be necessary for you. The minimum wholesale discount you can offer with IngramSpark is 30% (35% in international markets). But majority of the readers visit their local bookstore or online retailer than will visit your author website or hand you cash for a copy, so you have to consider what that exposure is worth to you, and where you do that is your wholesale discount.

Libraries are different altogether because they're not trying to sell your book. They have a set budget for purchasing books, so you don't have to offer them a high discount. You do want to make sure your title metadata properly catalogs your book for libraries; otherwise they'll have difficulty finding it to make their purchase.

There are several major wholesalers, each with a particular specialty or target market. Most sell primarily print books, but they are increasingly offering digital wholesale services as well, particularly to the library market.

One of the largest and best-known wholesalers in the world is Ingram. They sell into basically every market, from trade books to library books and schools. They also wholesale audiobooks, ebooks, and even tie-in merchandise.

If you write new age or spiritual books or books on natural health and wellness, you may want to list with New Leaf for wholesale. Because New Leaf specializes in these types of books, as well as Tarot cards and other related products, bookstores are more likely to be looking for exactly your type of title in their catalog.

Midpoint is one of the more flexible distributors when it comes to working with small or independent publishers. Unlike larger distributors who might want to take over both your print and your digital distribution, Midpoint will make print-only agreements, meaning you can still sell your ebooks through KDP, KDP Select, or direct to consumer.

Small Press United, a division of IPG, specializes in helping indie publishers expand their sales and distribution. They know a lot about the specific challenges that small presses face and their dozens of reps are able to give your books the push they deserve. They can also handle gift and specialty accounts and tie-in merchandise.

You can also apply directly to specialty market wholesalers like Brodart and Follett if you think your books would appeal to their library or educational clients. If you have a good marketing plan written up and can show interest from librarians or schools, you may be able to get into their catalogs and increase your sales.

Hi, do you know how I would be able to purchase books at wholesale prices from indie authors that are typically self published on Amazon? I tried contacting some authors directly, but struggles to get proper feedback with how to go about it.

Hi Brett, thanks for your comment. I think the author would have to agree to and set wholesale prices via their printer or distributor (like Ingram). If you mean get the book from those authors directly, I could only suggest contacting them directly

Hi, I am looking into starting to sell books online and hopefully be able to open my own book store in my home town. Where can I find distributors that will work with me in purchasing small amounts of books until I can buy larger quantities of books to sell? I will appreciate any help or advice you can give me on getting this started.

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