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DelugeRPG: A Pokemon Adventure in Your Browser - Free APK Download

Deluge RPG APK Download: A Guide for Pokemon Fans

If you are a fan of Pokemon games, you might want to try out Deluge RPG, a browser-based game that lets you catch, trade, and battle your own Pokemon online. Deluge RPG is a fan-made game that is inspired by the original Pokemon series, but with some unique features and twists. In this article, we will show you how to download and install Deluge RPG APK on your Android device, what are the features of this game, what are some tips and tricks for playing it, and what are some alternatives to it.

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How to Download and Install Deluge RPG APK on Your Android Device

Downloading and installing Deluge RPG APK on your Android device is very easy and simple. Just follow these steps:

Go to the official website of Deluge RPG at - Step 2: Allow unknown sources on your device settings. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle it on. This will let you install apps that are not from the Google Play Store. - Step 3: Locate the downloaded file and tap on it to install. You can find the file in your Downloads folder or in the notification bar. You might need to grant some permissions to the app before installing it. - Step 4: Launch the game and enjoy. You can now play Deluge RPG on your Android device and catch, trade, and battle Pokemon online. What are the Features of Deluge RPG APK?

Deluge RPG APK is a fun and addictive game that offers many features for Pokemon fans. Here are some of them:

  • Feature 1: Catch any Pokemon you like for free. Unlike the official Pokemon games, you don't need to buy Pokeballs or use any items to catch Pokemon in Deluge RPG. You can catch any Pokemon you encounter for free, as long as you have enough space in your team or your storage box. You can also catch multiple copies of the same Pokemon and use them for trading or evolving.

  • Feature 2: Battle gyms, earn badges, and challenge other players. Deluge RPG has a similar gameplay to the original Pokemon games, where you can battle gym leaders, earn badges, and progress through the story. You can also challenge other players online and test your skills and strategies. You can choose from different battle modes, such as single, double, triple, or rotation battles.

  • Feature 3: Explore different maps and discover secrets. Deluge RPG has a large and diverse world to explore, with different maps based on the regions from the Pokemon games. You can find different types of Pokemon in each map, as well as some secrets and hidden items. You can also use some special moves, such as Surf or Fly, to access new areas.

  • Feature 4: Customize your team and trade with others. Deluge RPG lets you customize your team of six Pokemon with different moves, abilities, natures, and items. You can also trade your Pokemon with other players online, either directly or through the global trade system. You can also join a clan and chat with other members.

What are the Tips and Tricks for Playing Deluge RPG APK?

If you want to get the most out of Deluge RPG APK, here are some tips and tricks that might help you:

  • Tip 1: Use the search function to find rare and legendary Pokemon. Deluge RPG has a search function that lets you find any Pokemon you want by typing its name or number. You can also filter the results by level, gender, shiny, or clan-owned. This is a great way to find rare and legendary Pokemon that might not appear often in the wild.

  • Tip 2: Train your Pokemon with the auto trainer feature. Deluge RPG has an auto trainer feature that lets you train your Pokemon automatically without having to battle manually. You can choose which stats to train, how long to train, and which items to use. This is a convenient way to level up your Pokemon and make them stronger.

  • Tip 3: Join a clan and participate in events. Deluge RPG has a clan system that lets you join or create a clan with other players who share your interests and goals. You can chat with your clan members, trade Pokemon with them, and participate in clan events. Clan events are special challenges that reward you with rare and exclusive Pokemon.

  • Tip 4: Save your progress online and sync it across devices. Deluge RPG lets you save your progress online by creating an account with your email address or Facebook account. This way, you can access your game data from any device or browser without losing anything. You can also sync your progress across devices by logging in with the same account.

What are the Alternatives to Deluge RPG APK?

If you are looking for some alternatives to Deluge RPG APK, here are some other browser-based Pokemon games that you might like:

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Unova RPGA game based on the fifth generation of Pokemon games (Black and White). It has over 600 Pokemon to catch, trade, and battle.

Pokemon LakeA game that features all generations of Pokemon up to the eighth (Sword and Shield). It has a simple interface and gameplay.

Pokemon.comThe official website of Pokemon that offers various mini-games, quizzes, videos, and news related to Pokemon.

Deluge RPG APK is a great game for Pokemon fans who want to experience a different and exciting way of catching, trading, and battling Pokemon online. It has many features that make it fun and addictive, such as the ability to catch any Pokemon for free, the variety of maps and secrets to explore, the customization of your team and items, and the clan system and events. It is also easy to download and install on your Android device, and you can save your progress online and sync it across devices. If you are looking for a browser-based Pokemon game that will keep you entertained for hours, you should definitely give Deluge RPG APK a try.

If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and leave a comment below. You can also check out our other articles on similar topics. Thank you for reading and have a great day!


  • Q1: Is Deluge RPG APK safe to download and play?

  • A1: Yes, Deluge RPG APK is safe and virus-free. However, you should always download it from the official website and not from third-party sources.

  • Q2: Is Deluge RPG APK free to play?

  • A2: Yes, Deluge RPG APK is completely free to play. You don't need to pay anything to catch, trade, or battle Pokemon. However, you can support the developers by donating or buying some in-game items.

  • Q3: How can I contact the developers of Deluge RPG APK?

  • A3: You can contact the developers of Deluge RPG APK by sending them an email at or by joining their Discord server. You can also follow them on Twitter or Facebook for updates and news.

  • Q4: How can I play Deluge RPG APK on my PC or laptop?

  • A4: You can play Deluge RPG APK on your PC or laptop by using an Android emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox Player. You just need to download and install the emulator on your computer, then download and install the Deluge RPG APK file on it. Then you can launch the game and play it as if you were on your phone or tablet.

  • Q5: How can I update Deluge RPG APK to the latest version?

A5: You can update Deluge RPG APK to the latest version by visiting the official website of Deluge RPG and downloading the new file. Then you need to uninstall the old ve


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