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Branding Igo Primo 2.0 Download __TOP__

iGO Navigation does not contain any maps at the first download. To get them, you need to use the in-app purchase feature. Visit the in-app store, and select the Navigation Package of the region you want to download. Once you have downloaded the Navigation Package, you can buy more content to your application.

branding igo primo 2.0 download

When running in the background, iGO Navigation cannot download any maps. Please note that the app has to be opened. We suggest that you download the desired content via a Wi-Fi network to avoid any extra data transfer costs.

You only need internet connection when you download a map or a feature, or when you want to use an online service, such as real time traffic information. As the app uses GPS signals, which are available at no cost, you can use your iGO Navigation wherever and whenever you like after you downloaded the Navigation Package and your desired contents.

The size of the maps and features depends on the selected county. To learn more, please visit the in-app store. We suggest that you download the maps via a Wi-Fi network, as their size may be of several hundred MB sometimes.

Yes, if you have purchased our live traffic information package. To get real-time traffic information, you need to download this package from the in-app shop, and have active internet connection. If you are offline, statistical traffic information will provide you with data about the traffic in a given hour on a given day. Based on this information, the app calculates the estimated time of arrival, or you can instruct iGO Navigation to recommend an alternative route if you encounter a traffic jam along your trip.

A beta version is available for a short while with your chosen contents, so that you can see how iGO Navigation runs on you phone. Once the trial period is over, the previously downloaded maps and content will disappear from the application. However, if you would like to use them in the long run, you can purchase them in the in-app store.




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