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Hand Forms of Matching Rings For Couples: We'll help you choose!

Are you not sure where to begin when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring for your spouse? You can make use of the shape of your partner's hand to guide you. How? This article will explain!

You've made the decision to ask your spouse to marry you, and you'd like it to be done with style, or at least with the perfect engagement rings! Alongside the excitement, the anxiety of picking the wrong one is beginning to creep in and can lead to disappointment for your partner.

Don't worry, in the next paragraphs, you will find the entire information you need to make the best purchase based on a basic test: the shape and size of your hands. Elongated, thin, wide small, large with marked knuckles or soft fingers... There are many options and options when it comes to choosing a unique jewel, just like you will be bringing the person you love to the altar.

The importance of the hand's shape when selecting the Couple Bracelets

Fashion rules are built around harmony and balance and balance, which is crucial to make us appear our best. A ring that is too thin might disappear when worn on larger fingers, and on the contrary the ring that has an extremely large precious stone can be exaggerated and awkward for smaller hands with tapered fingers. Let's face it, the middle route is always the best option!

How can we study the form of the hands

The first step to pick the engagement ring is to know which of the two major categories your partner's hand falls into short or long? This may seem insignificant but it is instead the key to success!

If you're unsure of how to interpret this you can check the palm's height, and then the middle finger height. If the middle finger is taller than the first, then it's a long-hand. Otherwise, it will be a short-hand. How can you avoid being caught? You can play with your partner's hands by saying that you want to find out who has the largest hands, by alternating jokes and quips you'll be able take at least the approximate measurements!

Hands that are small and proportionate Hands that are simple and refined

Engagement rings, eternities and rivieres are ideal for enhancing the femininity of small and thin hands! The choice of ring actually an exercise in proportions. It is simple to comprehend, therefore, that wearing large squares or bands on fingers that aren't too long will make the overall hand appear stubby when it isn't! Additionally, it is recommended to opt for simple rings with no decorations or precious stones. Of course, the solitaire is not prohibited, but be mindful of the size!

Long hands and pianist's fingers: no choice!

A slim hand form with long fingers opens many options for an engagement ring. It is believed that people with this kind of hand can afford any type of jewelry! You can narrow your search in any case by taking a few factors into consideration. You should first try to understand your partner's needs and assess his preferences. If you know for instance that he loves to show off his pianist's finger so focus your attention on thin, delicate rings that will certainly further enhance this remarkable quality.

If you notice that he hides his hands because he thinks they are too long and thin Choose simple rings that don't attract attention. Don't wear rings that are too big or convoluted in design, but yes to noteworthy dimensions that can re-proportion the fingers.

Naturally, stones are always appreciated, and are perfect for refined hands, even colored ones, if your partner is a jolly person or likes to keep things simple!

Rings for important and large fingers: consider a middle option

In the case for important hands, rings of smaller thickness are prohibited: the small dimensions, in fact, will only emphasize the size of the fingers of the person who will wear it. Be aware of solitaires, which in the case of a small size, could create the same effect as described. However, if it is large, would still give an overall effect of excess and size.

Look for white gold rings with diamonds, instead of colored precious stones or colored gemstones are not the best choice.

Rings for square and short fingers

The beautiful and important rings are perfect for small hands with short fingers. The elegant and sophisticated design actually helps to diminish the childish look typical of these types of fingers. The classic solitaire that has an average-sized stone is also ideal.

What happens if the fingers are "chubby" fingers?

We suggest that, to reduce the softness of the fingers, you choose models that have a thickness of approximately 6 millimeters or perhaps an uniform design. In this instance it is also crucial to consider the diameter that the ring has to have to be able to fit perfectly. This will help avoid the unattractive "sausage" effect that can cause the wearer to feel unhappy.

Shape of hands with pronounced fingers and knuckles

You partner has a hand form with prominent fingers. This is one of the features of his fingers that he does not like. To make a good purchase in this situation, you should first consider the size of the ring. It should be sufficient to cover the prominent knuckle but not too big so that it does not "dance" when worn. In terms shapes an engagement ring that has an average-sized stone is the most suitable to ensure that attention is centered on the diamond instead of the knuckle. whoever receives it will appreciate the appreciation!

These suggestions on how to choose an engagement ring based on the shape of her hands are helpful but you must also think about her personality, her style, and any desires she might have expressed however subtly. Let yourself be guided by your instinct... but not too much!




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