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Xcom Console Commands Long Warl

This is a list of commands, items, perks, research, foundry projects, and others, that can be added/enabled via the developer's console. To activate the dev console, you will need to download the modified Engine.upk file from the Long War Nexus mod page.

Xcom Console Commands Long Warl

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Below is a list of all XCOM 2 console commands from the latest version of the game. These XCOM 2 cheat codes work with the console for all PC / Mac versions of the game including the Steam and non-Steam versions. Commands from all official DLCs (such as War of the Chosen) are also included.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen released earlier last week, and many players are having a hell of a time fighting Advent. Console commands can be quite useful. Maybe you're testing a mod, or perhaps just goofing around after having completed the game. I would hope at least you're not looking because XCOM 2: WoTC is too hard.No matter what you need console commands for, there are some that are more useful than others. And in this XCOM 2 guide, I'll go over the most useful commands that you have at your disposal, and the variables you can use with them to suit pretty much every need. But I have omitted some commands that will break or severely damage the base functions of the game, just to be on the safe side.

Once you're in game simply hit the tilde key (`) in-game and the console should show up (if you did it right). Make sure you're loading into a game first or your commands won't actually do anything.

Before any of these commands will work, you must enable cheats using the console. To do this, just open the console and enter "enablecheats" (without the quotation marks). After that, you're all set to "test things out" -- cause you're not actually cheating, right?

But I'd like to advise everyone who uses even the most simple of console commands to back up your saves and make copies. You could potentially screw up your campaigns -- and I wouldn't want to see anyone lose their "hard"-earned progress on legitimate campaigns.

While this isn't a full list of all the console commands for the War of the Chosen DLC-- because trust us, there are a LOT of them -- hopefully these are still useful to anyone looking to enjoy themselves freely.

XCOM 2 is a tough turn-based strategy game you can make a whole lot easier by activating cheats. To do that, you must enable the debug console for XCOM 2 within the Steam or Epic Games Launcher. Then you can activate the XCOM 2 cheat commands below, along with many others, by entering them in the debug console.

Is your list of injured soldiers getting rather long? If so, you can save yourself waiting for them to become available again by activating this command. Bring up the debug console on the Avenger, and input the HealAllSoldiers command. That command will heal all injured troops in your barracks.


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