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H3C S5120 Firmware Download and Installation Guide

Is it possible to directy move to HP version of firmware from H3C if your H3C version does does not support the "brand" command. Here is my situation. Purchased used H3C swith with firmware vesrion s5120ei-cmw520-r2208-s168.bin. This firmware does not support the brand command. I believe the brand command was added in r2215 or later version of H3C firmware. I believe based on reading that the switch needs to be re-branded bofore it will accept the HP versions of the firmware. I have been in contact with support at H3C, but they will not release later versions of the firmware. (Even though is is on their website) all firmware is locked from downloading. So the issue is it seems, I can not upgrade H3C switch to HPE later versions unless I can first upgrade to H3C version of firmware that supports the "brand" command, and unfortunately, getting a version of the H3C firmware and bootloader has been unsuccessful so far for me.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I am extremely impressed with the level of support that this community is offering. If I understand correctly, your comment indicates that I should be able to upgrade directly from my current H3C firmware to the latest HPE version without first having to upgrade to H3C R2215 version of the firmware (Which supports the brand command, but which I have been unable to obtain access to,)

h3c s5120 firmware download

Because of limited memory on these switches, I need to erase the current firmware before I can upload the updated version, that is a little scarry if the firmware fails, but based on the article you posted, it appears I can always recover from the console even if the firmware is curupted or fails.. So I will search for the process of doing so, before I attempt this and make cerain I have backups of my current firmware (Which I was able to download from the switch web interface) and the boot firmware (Which I have not yet downloaded from the switch, but sould be able to find directions to do so after I do a little more research.

Once again thank you for your response to my questions. I just need to get all the required files together and make sure I have a recovery plan in place in case something goes wrong. I believe this youtube file pretty much gives all the information needed to upgrade the switch, assuming I can automatically upgrade to HP version of firmware without first rebranding.

Thank you again for your assistance on this. I was successful on upgrading my H3C switch last night to the latest HP version of the firmware/boot loader. I did a serial connection to the switch console using Tera Term on a windows 10 PC. I also used WinSCP for all the file transfers to the switch. Set as FTP. The advantage of using WinSCP (for me at least) was that I did not have to type any file names. Simpy dragged firmware and boot loader from windows directory to the switch. WinSCP connected to the switch through ethernet connection on same PC that I was using serial console connection to switch.

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I performed the upgrade in 2 steps. First upgraded to A5120EI-CMW520-R2215.bin version of firmware and A5120EI-BTM-610.btm bootloader. My switch did not show a 603.btm file in the flash area, so I assume this is the first version on the switch and is hardcoded into the device. After rebooting and reconnection to the switch through the serial port with Tera Term, I rebranded to HP switch with the now supported "brand hp" command.

On my original 2208. Mircrosoft Edge would not work, but Google Chrome worked fine. So with upgrade I have had to completely change browsers for Web access to the switch. In any case, I am very happy now and have the switch on latest HP version of the firmware and bootloader. Not bad for a switch I picked up on e-bay for $36 dollars with free delivery!

Thanks again for helping me with this upgrade. I was not sure I was going to be able to make it happen as I thought the upgrade to HP firmware could not happen unless you first rebranded to H3C switch to HP.

We have some spare 3Com switches (Original name : Baseline switch 2928 SFP Plus) that we want to use. After reseting them, I saw that their firmware was rater old (from 2010). So decided to update them before doing anything whith them.

Everything went ok, rom is updated correctely, and the application file seems also good (those two things uses the same .bin file). But now the switch keeps rebooting endlessly. It passes the boot phase (new boot firmware), decompresse image, loads it, starts it... And reboot.

If you go on H3C homepage and download the software for those switches, you could load each software release for each switch onto the other switch.No problem in the past. But now here it is R1516 for V1910 on HPEs homepage.

I'm having same problem. I have a "HP" labled JG348A that was upgraded from R1513P89 to 1516 with no problems. Tried same on 2 different "3Com" labeled JE006A switches and got the boot loop on both. 1 was in production state, the 2nd I did a factory initialization on before upgrade with same results. Same boot loop as described in this thread. I had to get into boot manager Ctrl-B and roll it back to revious version then both were fine running previous firmware.

By having the auto-update enabled, the slave members will download the new boot-loader from the master right after they have formed their neighborship. This way, you will only have to update a single device.

Thanks for the write up on updating HP's switch. I have the A5120-48g-SI and after downloading the firmware from hp's web site there is only a .bin file. I did not see a .btm file in the zip package. Did your .btm file also come in the zip?

To change the brand, use the brand command in the user-view of the system. Make sure some recent firmware is available, since the brand command was not included in the original H3C firmware. This is an example on the 5800 switch:


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