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La Bien Querida Ceremonia

La Bien Querida Ceremonia

La Bien Querida is a Spanish indie pop singer-songwriter who has been making music since 2007. Her stage name, which means "the well-loved one", was given to her by a friend who admired her songs. She has released six albums so far, each one with a different theme and style. Her fourth album, Ceremonia, was released in 2012 and marked a departure from her previous acoustic and folk-oriented sound. Instead, she experimented with electronic, synth-pop, and krautrock influences, creating a more modern and dynamic album.

Ceremonia consists of 10 songs that explore different aspects of love, from passion and desire to jealousy and betrayal. The album opens with "Arenas Movedizas", a catchy and upbeat song that compares love to quicksand. The song features a guest appearance by Los Planetas, a famous Spanish indie rock band. The next song, "Luna Nueva", is a slower and darker track that talks about the end of a relationship and the hope for a new start. The song has a hypnotic rhythm and a haunting chorus that repeats "Luna nueva, luna nueva, dame una oportunidad" ("New moon, new moon, give me a chance").


The album continues with "Hechicera", a song that mixes electronic beats and oriental melodies to create a mysterious and seductive atmosphere. The song is about a woman who casts a spell on her lover and makes him obsessed with her. The lyrics are full of references to magic and witchcraft, such as "Te he hecho un conjuro y no puedes escapar" ("I have cast a spell on you and you can't escape"). The fourth song, "Carnaval", is one of the most upbeat and cheerful songs on the album. It is inspired by the carnival celebrations in Spain, where people dress up in costumes and have fun. The song is about letting go of inhibitions and enjoying life with someone you love.

The fifth song, "A Veces Ni Eso", is a ballad that expresses the frustration and sadness of being in a loveless relationship. The song is sung as a duet with Julián Rodríguez, the leader of the band Schwarz. The lyrics are full of irony and sarcasm, such as "A veces ni eso me das, un beso de despedida" ("Sometimes you don't even give me that, a goodbye kiss"). The sixth song, "Los Picos De Europa", is another duet, this time with Jota, the singer of Los Planetas. The song is named after a mountain range in northern Spain, where the two singers met and fell in love. The song is a tribute to their relationship and their shared passion for music.

The seventh song, "Pelea", is one of the most aggressive and intense songs on the album. It is about a couple who fights constantly but can't live without each other. The song has a powerful guitar riff and a fast-paced drum beat that create a sense of urgency and tension. The lyrics are full of insults and accusations, such as "Eres un mentiroso y un cobarde" ("You are a liar and a coward"). The eighth song, "Aurora", is a contrast to the previous one. It is a soft and delicate song that talks about the beauty of dawn and the hope for a new day. The song has a minimalist arrangement of piano and synthesizer that create a peaceful and serene mood.

The ninth song, "Más Fuerte Que Tú", is another ballad that shows the vulnerability and insecurity of love. The song is about feeling inferior to your partner and fearing that they will leave you for someone better. The lyrics are full of self-doubt and regret, such as "No soy lo que esperabas de mí" ("I'm not what you expected from me"). The tenth and final song, "Mil Veces", is a synth-pop anthem that celebrates the power and resilience of love. The song is about overcoming difficulties and challenges together with your partner and being grateful for their support. The lyrics are full of optimism and gratitude, such as "Mil veces te lo digo y mil veces te lo diré: gracias por estar aquí" ("A thousand times I tell you and a thousand times I will tell you: thank you for being here").

Ceremonia is an album that showcases the versatility and creativity of La Bien Querida as an artist. She manages to combine different genres and influences to create an original and cohesive album that reflects her personal and musical evolution. Ceremonia is an album that invites the listener to join her in a journey of emotions and experiences, from joy and ecstasy to pain and sorrow. Ceremonia is an album that celebrates love in all its forms and complexities.

If you want to listen to Ceremonia, you can find it on YouTube, Discogs , or other streaming platforms. You can also follow La Bien Querida on her social media accounts to stay updated on her latest news and projects.


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