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Download Angry Birds Rio for Windows: The Best Puzzle Game Based on Rio Movie

like other angry birds games, angry birds rio makes use of power-ups, which are optional booster items the player can use to get a temporal advantage to beat the level with more ease. these power-ups are limited and cannot be used if the player runs out of them; to compensate this, angry birds rio also makes use of coins, the game's currency, which allow the player to buy more power-ups and unlock bonus levels, amongst others. while coins can be obtained by collecting stars or by watching ads, the player is also encouraged to use real money to buy more coins to use in gameplay. however, as the game's servers closed down in 2020, watching ads and using real money to perform purchases is now impossible.

free download game angry birds rio for pc full version

it is possible, though unlikely that angry birds rio, angry birds star wars and angry birds star wars ii will return along with other games like seasons after rovio said in a reply that it will be a long shot due to the license, in which the walt disney company currently owns the rights to both franchises, as they own lucasfilm and 20th century fox (the companies behind star wars and rio perceptively).

the game was updated with new content since then. on december 18, 2012, angry birds rio was updated with four new power-ups. the first is the super seeds (now the power potion). the second is the sling scope, but with a different icon (has a marmoset instead of a minion pig on the icon). the third is called tnt drop, similar to the one from the christmas tournament in 2012. the last is called samba burst, exclusive to rio. this will replace the bird on the slingshot with red wearing a fruit hat and, once launched and hit an obstacle, will make him dance and destroy more of the structure. also, 24 new levels were released, along with the mighty eagle on android devices.


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